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To take care of your BULER, a few guidelines will enable you to ensure the reliability of your watch and keep it looking new.


Shocks :
Avoid giving any shocks on the watch. If you meet any accident, take it to watchmaker to check the function.


Magnetic Fields :
Strong magnetic fields can affect or even damage the movements. Keep away placing your watch on speakers or refrigerators.


After Swimming in the Sea :
Always rinse your watch with warm water after swimming.


Cleaning :
Don't forget to rinse your chronograph in fresh water after diving to prolong its life.
Be sure to rinse your watch regularly with fresh water and soap, especially after it has been in salt water. This helps preserving its look and condition.


Screw-in-Crown :
Make sure water does not get into the mechanism. Follow our instruction book to screw it in carefully.


Chemical Products :
You may come across chemical products like perfumes, detergents or solvents daily. They may damage the bracelet, case or gaskets. Rinse immediately with fresh water.


Temperatures :
Avoid extreme temperature changes, extreme high temperature (above 60 °C) and extreme low temperature (below 0 °C), because condensation will occur during those situations and this may affect the functions of your watch.


Chronograph :
In the course of time, the gaskets of the case may become worn and reduce the water-resistance of the chronograph. The latter should therefore be checked by a specialist once a year, preferably at the beginning of the season.

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